What Should be Included in a Good Letter of Recommendation to Medical School?

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A good LOR for medical school should be a persuasive essay outlining why the candidate should be highly considered by a medical school admissions committee for admission into the medical school.  It should include logistical information as well as objective information used to evaluate the student based on his or her performance.

A good LOR for medical school should include the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your intent to go to medical school including some of the experiences that brought you to that decision (volunteer or internships, and how they impacted you)
  • Your performance in the course or on specific assignments
  • Your performance compared to other students who the letter writer has written LORs for
  • Your general intelligence, communication skills, ability to deal with complex and abstract ideas, evidence of being a lifelong learner
  • Your involvement in outside of school activities that you have participated in that show your commitment to medicine and a dedication to service
  • Your character traits that would make you a successful physician
  • Your maturity level
  • The difficulty level of your course work or major
  • The letter writer’s name and position, how they know you, how long they have known you for

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