Science Courses for Osteopathic Medical Schools

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For D.O. schools AACOMAS calculates the science and non-science GPAs. The Science GPA includes courses from Biology/Zoology, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Other Science, and Physics. The Non-science GPA includes courses from Behavioral Science, English, Math, and Other Non-science.

The following list is taken from the AACOMAS website and shows how courses are categorized into different classifications:

Behavioral Science Biochemistry Organic Chemistry Other Non-Science
Anthropology Biochemistry Bio-Organic Chemistry Acting
Community Health Physiological Chemistry Organic Chemistry Agriculture
Criminal Justice   Readings in Organic Chemistry Archeology
Educational Psychology   Special Topics in Organic Chemistry Art
Ethnic Studies English   Bioethics
Human Sexuality Bible Literature   Business
Marriage/Family Composition Other Science Communications
Personal Health English Agricultural Science Cultural Geography
Physiological Ethics Journalism Astronomy Economics
Psychology Poetry Chiropractic Education
Social Science Reading Skills Electronics Emergency Med-Tech
  Rhetoric Engineering Ethics
Bio/Zoology Theater Literature Epidemiology First Aid
Animal Science   Geology Foreign Language
Anatomy   Kinesiology Forestry
Bacteriology Inorganic Chemistry Medical Technology Geography
Biology Chemistry, General Meteorology Government
Botany Medical Chemistry Nutrition Health/Personal Hygiene
Cellular & Molecular Biology Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmacy History
Cellular Physiology Physical Chemistry Physical Anthropology Humanities
Ecology Qualitative Analysis Physical Geography Law
Evolution Quantitative Analysis Physical Science Logic
Genetics Readings in Chemistry Physician Assistant Medical Terminology
Hematology Research in Chemistry Radiology Military Science
Histology Special Topics in Chemistry   Music
Immunology Structures & Bonds   Nursing
Microbiology   Physics Occupational Therapy
Micro-Organisms   Electricity & Light Philosophy
Natural Science Math Magnetism Physical Education
Neurology Behavioral Statistics Mechanical Heat Physical Therapy
Oceanography Biostatistics Physics Political Science
Parasitology Chemical Math Thermodynamics Public Health
Pathiology Computer Science   Public Speaking
Physiology Mathematics   Religion
Virology     Respiratory Therapy
Zoology     Social Ethics
      Speech Pathology
      Teaching Science
      Word Processing

AACOMAS is different from AMCAS in two big ways with regards to GPA calculations.

  • Math is not part of the science GPA for AACOMAS (D.O. schools)
  • If you repeat a course because you performed poorly in it, AACOMAS will only count the grade for the most recent attempt. AMCAS (M.D. Schools) will average all of the attempts made at the same course.

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