Premed Advisors and Premed Committees

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You should find out if your school has premed advisors and premed committees. A premed advisor, or counselor, is an academic administrator who specializes in guiding academic decisions for premedical students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. A premed advisor will help you determine what classes you need to take to apply to medical school as well as to complete your major and college requirements.

You should sit down with your premed advisor and make a four or five year plan and double check that you are completing the premed requirements for the medical schools you are interested in applying to. A premed committee is a group of faculty members that will evaluate your candidacy to medical school prior to you applying to medical school.

They will write a premedical committee letter of recommendation on your behalf if they endorse your application to medical school. This letter is compiled as a composite of the various courses you have taken during college. If you do not have a premedical committee (most colleges don’t) then you will independently collect letters of recommendation from your professors and submit them to medical schools

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