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In college, you will complete several courses which ultimately culminate in a degree. Some of those courses will count towards General Education (GE) requirements that the college states you must complete prior to graduation. These GE courses are a college’s way of ensuring that you receive a well-rounded education. The rest of the courses you take will mostly count towards your major degree requirements. For each major, the college lists what courses must be taken to satisfy all of the requirements. Generally, information about GE and major requirements can be found in the Course Catalogue. The Course Catalogue is an extremely lengthy text for any college, but it is an invaluable resource, so begin to thumb through it.

If you plan on attending medical school, you will also have to fulfill the pre-medical requirements. If you are a science major, some of your major degree requirements will overlap with the pre-medical requirements. As a premed student, you should decide early on if you should follow a 4 or 5 year academic plan. Both plans allow you to graduate in 4 years, but the 5 year plan gives you a little room to breathe.

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